Tasty Road Trips Food Tours

Tasty Road Trips Food Tours

Brant has several food and beverage tours, food walks, cultural tours, and more for you to experience local hidden gems - one bite at a time! If you love eats, sips and exploring local, these tours are for you! Whether 19+ or family-friendly, we have exclusively curated food tours designed with you in mind. Everyone eats, so everyone is welcome! Join in the food experiences with Tasty Road Trips Food Tours in Brantford and the County of Brant. Explore a world of authentic mouth-watering food walks designed to guide you to local hidden gems, while exploring the area.

We know you will love the food and beverage tour experience while being guided through small towns with big, bold tastes. Tasty Road Trips Food Tours offers a variety of tours for you to choose from while exploring local sip and eats, arts and culture, community, history and nature.

Explore food and community on A Taste of Paris Food Walk, stopping at delicious destinations from cheap and cheerful, to an upscale marketplace and local fine-dining. You will enjoy food samplings that keep you wanting more!

Another tour option is the 'road trip' style tour called Sips & Eats Road Trips or the Brant Brew Tour. These are like wine tours, yet so much more. Enjoy discovering local craft beer, wine and hard cider, visit farms and enjoy a tasting of fine-dining. This tour offers so much more...and we do the driving. Get ready for the twists and turns with local destination stops of food and beverage with exceptional hospitality.

The tours explore the bountiful ways we access food from farms, to chefs, to food entrepreneurs. Book a tour, or book multiple tours and we will engage you with food, fun, new friends and we know you will fall in love with local, in Brantford and the County of Brant.

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Tasty Road Trips Food Tours

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Tasty Road Trips Food Tours