Twin Valley Zoo


There's no better way to learn about the wonderful animals of this world than to experience them up close and in person. Built on 25 beautiful acres, Brantford Twin Valley Zoo is a great place to observe a collection of native and exotic animals maintained in natural surroundings.

During observation of the wide assortment of animals at the Zoo, children can learn about the animals' adaptations (like the stripes on a zebra), needs (type of food they eat), and characteristics (fur or feathers). Educational presentations let children experience some smaller animals and babies up-close. The knowledgeable Zoo staff explain how certain animals change as they grow, their natural habitats, and why they are important to that habitat.

The Brantford Twin Valley Zoo is open daily from 9 am to 6 pm.

Click to visit the Brantford Twin Valley Zoo website to plan your trip.

Brantford Twin Valley Zoo

84 Langford Church Rd.
Brantford ON   N3T 5L4
Brantford Twin Valley Zoo